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My name is Sally - I am a mother, wife, certified Nutrition Health Coach and the author of the beautiful wellness book - 'Healthy Nourished Soul'.
I have an immense passion for health, wellness & wholesome food. I’m a lover of the ocean and you will find me beachside on most days, but having grown up on a farm riding horses - I will forever be a country girl at heart.
The journey that led me to create this beautiful book - Healthy Nourished Soul, comes from my love of making delicious and healthy raw treats for my family. I wanted to make sure I was giving my kids the very best start in life, by nourishing their little bodies with wholesome organic foods. This passion led my family to begin eating a mostly whole unprocessed, nutrient-dense diet. When I quickly realised that many ‘healthy treats’ from shops were actually full of processed and unnecessary ingredients, I decided to begin creating and making my own treats that were not only healthy for you, but looked and tasted amazing!
My reputation started to spread when I said Yes to a friend who approached me to stock my raw treats in her cafe. They were a hit straight away and within weeks, my treats were stocked in the most popular cafes in Newcastle, NSW, and selling out fast.
Enquiries from all over Australia and overseas were flooding in, and I was beyond grateful for all the positive feedback I received, however, it also reignited a spark on a dream I had always wanted to bring to life - to create a heavenly cookbook filled with my simple, delicious recipes and brimming with soul worthy, inspirational content. A book that will not only nourish your belly, but also your mind, body and soul - because at the end of the day, health is more than what you're eating, it's also what you're thinking, saying and believing! 
From this dream of mine - Healthy Nourished Soul was born.
Brimming with dozens of of delicious recipes for raw treats, warming tonics and toxic-free beauty products as well as beautiful quote pages and throught-provoking journalling prompts - it's the perfect dose of self-care and wellness that everybody needs in their lives.
A book that will take you on your own heartfelt journey and capture the essence of you.


Love Sally xo



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